About Us

Inspired by nature, architecture, and world travel, Aquani jewelry is handcrafted with care and appreciation for the universe. Each piece is produced in small batches with traditional craftsmanship techniques. Most of the silver and gold we work with is recycled - melted and resculptured. We believe that the most valuable jewelry pieces are the ones you can pass through generations, and that is why we create pieces that are timeless with high attention to quality. Some silver pieces may tarnish with time, but they are meant to - the obvious parts are polished, and the inner, hard-to-reach remains darkened, giving the jewelry its uniqueness and a personal story.
How Aquani is made
The Aquani woman is an eternal learner, a curious mind. She is an adventurous soul and a master of her craft. She is a mother, a friend, a wife, a free bird, a creative kind. She keeps a positive mind. She doesn't live in her past. She enjoys the moment and her future is bright. She only wishes well upon others and gives when she can. She loves to love and be loved. She likes to dance like no one is watching. She wishes, she dreams, she does what she loves. She meditates. She cares. She's sensitive, irrational, logical, fragile, strong. She is the universe and a global citizen. She is herself. She is the Aquani girl. 
The Aqunai Woman