Our focus is on creating classic and versatile jewelry that can be worn anywhere, anytime. pieces that will decorate a simple outfit, or add final touches to an already dressed up ensemble. 

 making of jewelry

We believe that you should spoil yourself with new purchases that make your eyes sparkle or when gifting, you know you just made someone else's day by giving them something special they will love and cherish. Aquani jewelry is made to last. It is made to be loved and passed on with time. 

raw jewelry making

A silver cleansing cloth is included with every purchase so the jewery can be polished when it needs it. Each piece is packaged in a pretty little keepsake box made of cardboard paper and always includes a dust bag for easy traveling.

tool for jewelry making

When it comes to sustainability and ethics, 80% of the silver used in the making of our jewelry is recycled. We handcraft our pieces in small batches at our little studio in Chicago. Each piece is thoughtfully sculpted and designed anew or re-created from vintage molds that have been nesting for many years waiting to be hatched. Our family has been in the business of jewelry for nearly 40 years, but Aquani was born in 2016. It is the love child of Aquarius and Gemini melted together into one concept named Aquani. 


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